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Tuesday, July 20th, 2004
1:32 pm
Busy day. I've got tomorrow off, so I figured I'd post my thoughts today since I doubt I'll do much on the computer later. Been busy today trying to get some writing and policy stuff done. So far, not good. Well, I've made progress, but the timeline for implementing the new security policy is going to be really off. Eh.

Been thinking more seriously lately of getting LASIK done. I've done the research, and originally was thinking of going with PRK, but in talking to folks that've had it done, the pain is the biggest downside. I mean, I have a decent pain tolerance, but every person I talked to constantly mentioned the pain. The week long pain. In the eyes. No thanks.

My insurance covers LASIK. Sort of. I mean, they offer a 15% discount, which when talking about potentially $1000-2500 really isn't much. But it's better than nothing, I guess. I dunno. Part of me really likes the idea of being able to get up out of bed and just go. No fuddling with glasses. No more getting prescription sunglasses. It'd be sweet, sure. But then there's the other half of me that dislikes the idea of having the top layer of my eye sliced open and then having a burning laser* pierce and reshape my flawed vision. Go figure.

Been riding the motorcycle every chance I can get it seems. Man, I love it. I've even developed a tan on my arms, much to the shock and awe of baysideredhead. I guess I've driven a total of 300 miles so far. I'm torn between wanting to spend time cleaning up the components and rewiring some of the electronics, and just getting out there and riding. I saw a funny phrase on a cycle repair forum that said "Only bikers understand why dogs love sticking their heads out of car windows". It's true. It's a great feeling to ride down an open road.


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Monday, July 19th, 2004
8:40 am - Weekend Update
As per federal requirements, here is your Weekend Update:

Friday - As stated previously, I rode the motorcycle into work, and then afterwards to the inspection station. I was worried my new baby wasn't going to pass just because of it's age, but it turns out I passed with flying colors. Forty-five dollars later, I had my inspection papers which allows me to spend ninety-eight more dollars at the MVA for my license plates. I'm debating getting a personalized tag to go along with my truck tags, but I'm a tad hesitant. It's costly to tag a damn cycle.

I returned home for a bit to drop off the work laptop and kiss baysideredhead before plunging off to the highways to motor around. I rode up to Delaware to surprise my mom, but she had already left work and home to go to a friend's house. Ah well. I rode around some more and took a lot of back roads. It's definitely very cool to ride around and pass other bikers who will almost always wave or nod their heads in greetings. Very cool.

Saturday - This was to be the house cleaning day as my mom was coming by to visit Sunday. We started out by getting some tasty IHOP breakfast. I don't know why, but I love their pancakes. They're like the holy grail of pancakes. After filling up on carby goodness, we went to Lowes to pick up some mulch and garden stuff. My hosta bed had been looking barren, so I filled it with 14 cubic feet of cedar mulch. Now it's pretty! In a manly kind of way, of course. I still need another bag or two to properly raise the bed, but it's definitely looking nicer.

After finishing up in the yard, I took the bike out for another spin. I'm definitely hooked on riding. I again rode into Delaware, but this time on an alternate highway. I brought the GPS with me so I could trace out my path and set waypoints for my mom's and friend's houses. I passed a chick motorcycle cop and she nodded her head to me in passing. Thought that was cool. I eventually made my way home to shower and finish cleaning up the house.

Sunday - Started off by heating up some leftovers for breakfast/lunch, hopping in the shower, and getting ready to meet mom at the mall. We were all going to go see I, Robot. I could do a review...But honestly, it was neither spectacular, nor horrible. It was just like any other Will Smith / Arnold / Stalone film ever made. Really. On a good note, they did show the long Hero movie trailer. That's going to rock.

It ended up raining most of the day, so I never got a chance to take the bike out, but considering the new mulch and weeding done to the flowerbeds, it was a needed rain. We just ended up sitting on the couch and watching TV, and playing GBA, and surfing the wireless Internet. Lazy day.

Today - Lots to do, as per any Monday. I've got to review my new Geico insurance package for the motorcycle and send them back some paperwork. I've got to call the city regarding my annual taxes, since they were never factored into my mortgage. Fairly common around here, apparently. I've got like 4 months or so to pay off the annual amount due. I've also got to work on some major security documentation and policies here at work. That'll take up the majority of my time I'm pretty sure.

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Friday, July 16th, 2004
10:17 pm - My brain hurts
I just finished watching The Butterfly Effect. Most Disturbing. Movie. Ever.

I...I'm really at a loss for words. I'm angry, and shocked, and amazed, and horrified, and damn near speachless. If you have never seen this movie, and are at all mentally sensitive, do not see this movie. Ever. I'm serious.

I have to go have an aneurysm now.

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1:08 pm - Bits and pieces
I rode the motorcycle into work today, as it's an official casual "cleaning day". The cycle sputtered a bit on starting it this morning, but choking it a bit helped. I guess the moisture and sitting all week didn't help. But I rode in with no problems. I still don't take turns quite as quickly as I probably should, but that's a big-ass bike to haul around tight corners.

Some of my closer coworkers have taken to calling me Ponch. I suppose there are worse things to be called, so I can deal with that.

Spent the first 3 hours this morning cleaning our storage area. Our boss is a packrat, so it's like I'll come across a single Dec90 fiber hub and get ready to toss it, and he'll say "No...Why don't we hold onto it, just in case." Just in case what, suddenly every Cisco switch spontaneously disappears and our only method of connectivity is old Digital equipemnt? Bah.

But hey, free pizza lunch for all today. I probably shouldn't eat any pizza considering how flaky my stomach has been lately, but eh. Free is free.

baysideredhead and I went to the gym last night and did our first cardio/lifting regiment. It was good to get back to doing a triple set of biceps/triceps. My arms aren't event that sore today. Tomorrow, sure. But today I'm good. I think next time we go will be cardio mixed with chest/back. That's always good for a sweat.

Going out tonight to celebrate my friend's wife's birthday. I could just say friend's birthday, I suppose, but I'm retentive like that.

Only an hour and a half now until I can take the motorcycle over to the inspection center. Hoping I pass. I can't imagine anything that would cause it to fail, but you never know how much of a dick they want to be about little stuff.

Anyways, hope everyone has a good weekend.

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Thursday, July 15th, 2004
12:05 pm - Random Thought Day
Just a bunch of random thoughts today. I don't have any new or exciting stories, so I'll just write on the stuff that's been going through my head lately.

I've been homesick as of the past few days. I really miss the midwest. It doesn't help when I look at houses for sale out there, either. I know that eventually I would love to move back to Wisconsin. Somewhere.

I received my certification package earlier this week. I figured I'd be good for a while, but I'm getting the itch to study some other realated certification material too. There is a lot of policy-driven specifics for what I do, and it'd be kind of nice to really excel at it.

baysideredhead and I signed up at Powerhouse Gym this week. It's good to have that commitment there. Now I just need to shake off whatever stomach bug has gotten me and go. I'm thinking about trying to go back to my old lifting plan and combine cardio with heavy lifting. Dunno.

Doom 3 officially announced an August 3rd release date. My primary machine at home is horribly underpowered for such a game. I'd have to upgrade the motherboard, CPU, memory, and video card. My work laptop is far more powerful, so I might just install it on there as a trial, see how it performs, and plan for a home upgrade down the road.

Tomorrow is an official casual day at work, so we get to wear jeans for the purpose of cleaning up the place. I'm going to use it as a good opportunity to drive the cycle in and show it off.

This looks to be a busy weekend, again. Tomorrow night is a birthday party (i.e., drinking party), Saturday will be a recoop day, and Sunday might be a pseudo-family-outing-thing. Not 100% sure yet. Depends on how everything else comes together.

I haven't mowed the lawn in about 2 weeks. The seeds in the dirt patch areas look to have died, and with the overgrowth of the other grass really makes the yard look awful. I still need to buy mulch for the hosta flower bed, and to properly mount the birdbath. The recent massive heatwave has kept me indoors most of the time, so I don't feel too guilty.

Eh, I guess that's about it for now. Back to work.

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Wednesday, July 7th, 2004
8:11 am - I've got some good news, and I've got some bad news.
Okay, not really. But the bad is that I slept for shit last night. I took a nap earlier in the evening yesterday against my better judgement, and wound up tossing and turning all night. I got about a solid 4 hours of sleep, so I feel quite zombie-ish today. Oh, other bad news includes me not being able to drop my motorcycle off for inspection today due to bad weather and a barage of meetings. Feh.

The good news is that after a wasted attempt of trying to replace the stock cycle speakers (turns out the speakers are fine, it's the wiring harness that is bad), I did manage to rewire the accessory lights to a separate toggle switch. The original owner had the lights each wired separately. Left light to switch 1, right light to switch 2. That's just...Lame. So I rewired it! Amazingly enough, not only did it work, but I didn't kill myself or set the bike in flames. I figure that's a good thing.

In work land, not much new here...After receiving confirmation of passing my CISSP exam, they require you to submit an endorsement from either another CISSP in your organization, or a sufficiently titled peer. It's their way of internally auditing a person so they just don't go take the test and shove the letters at the end of their name. Good in theory, but bad if you happen to be the only CISSP within an organization. I had the department CIO sign it for me, and faxed it and a copy of my resume off as per their instructions. Now I wait to either be audited and prove my skillset, or wait to receive my certification package in the mail. Either way, it's a lot of waiting.

Being the uber-geek that I am, I've also been on a security kick on my new laptop. I installed the freeware PGP package and have generated a 4096-bit digital signature so I can offer non-repudiation in all my outbound messages. Yeah, I know. Geeky. But cool, too.

In other news...I'm turning 30 in a month. Wow. Health permitting, that means I've lived a solid 1/3 of my life. Nah, I'm not morbid. Just sayin'. I'm not doing anything major (at least, I'm not planning anything...Can't speak for baysideredhead...), but probably will just have some friends over, BBQ, and drink heavily. My birthday is actually on a Saturday this year, which is pretty sweet. I may soon do like bones870 did and make a promissory post about all the stuff I want to accomplish. I've already resolved to sign back up at Powerhouse and start dieting and working out again. I've got a motorcycle. I passed my test. All in all, I'm not sure what else I could do, but I know there's always something to improve. I'll have to give that some thought today.

And to steal a line from Jon Stewart...And now, your moment of zen:

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Friday, July 2nd, 2004
3:22 pm - This Just In
Dear Glenn:

Congratulations! It gives me great pleasure to inform you that you have PASSED the Certified Information Systems Security Professional competency examination
- - the first step in becoming certified as a CISSP.

Hot damn! I'm stunned. Absolutely stunned. I got the email about 30 minutes ago and as I saw my Inbox iterate up a new message, my heart pounded. All it took was seeing the word 'Congratulations' and I nearly fainted. That was the hardest damn test I'd ever taken in my entire life.

And I passed.

current mood: ecstatic

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10:30 am - Friday Already?
Boy have I been a slacker on here lately...Funny how time flies when you're busy with work, busying working on a bike, and intermittently sick. I'll try and make today's update come full circle and write about all the stuff I said I'd write.

First, The Girlfriend (tm). I've alluded to it in the past, and obviously piqued my friend's interests, so topic the first shall be about that. We met while I was still at Lowe's. She was the customer, and I was a mixer of paints. We flirted rather obviously, as I tend to do, but who knew it'd end up with us together. She ended up single due to a similar situation as my own, and now we're a couple. Not exactly sunsets on beaches, but we're both very happy, and that's all that really matters.

Second, The Motorcycle (tm). I had originally posted about winning a Honda Magna on Ebay, but unfortunately that one fell through. I kept looking, though, and found a 1984 Yamaha Venture Royale. You'll notice the 'e' at the end of Royale. That means you can pronounce it like Vincent, ala Royale with Cheese. That amuses me. It's one of the models that was produced in '84-'85 exlusively in Canada and Europe, so it's pretty unique. Sure it's a gigantic 1200cc touring bike, but it fits me well and should prove to be a good machine to learn on.

So I watched this bike on Ebay for a week. It had a very reasonable starting bid, equal to the blue book value, and had no reserve. The guy was 90 miles away from me and willing to deliver it for no charge, so I couldn't complain about that either. I had a slight battle with another bidder on the closing minutes, but I ended up winning it. Now, granted it is 20 years old and obviously has wear and tear, it's been kept up incredibly. I have already replaced the battery, which was on it's last legs anyways, and cleaned up the throttle which was sticking, so it should pass inspection next week with no problems. I just have to do a bit of cosmetic surgery on some of the internal cables that the guy put in for running lights, but other than that it's great.

Topic the third...The Test (tm). Still no answer about the results of my CISSP test, not that I expected it yet. Their average turn-around time is two to six weeks, so I don't imagine I'll hear anything earlier than next Friday at the soonest. I really hope I passed...Having to study and save up and go through all that again would be a huge pain in the ass.

And, while not a topic unto itself, I've also been busy with my new work laptop. I went against my better judgement and have been using their standard Windows XP Pro image rather than wipe it clean and build it myself, and I think now it's haunting me. I'm getting random explorer kernal errors referencing upper memory blocks. I could have a bad memeory module, which is what I'm kind of hoping it is considering how easy it'd be to fix, but one can never tell...That exlucded, the laptop is badass. I love the 15.4" viewable screen. It's naturally widescreened, and handles the 16:9 ratio perfectly. I popped in a copy of The Matrix to test it out, and I think it looks better on my laptop than it does on my home TV. I don't know whether to consider that good, or bad.

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Monday, June 28th, 2004
11:48 am - Busy busy busy
Back to work on a Monday...But before I go into that.

The test.

That was possibly one of the most difficult tests I have ever taken in my life. While I felt prepared and capable from the practice tests and study guides, that test came out of left field. I mean, Microsoft tests can be bad, but the CISSP test really pushes the limits. At 6 hours for 250 questions, it's also one of the longest tests I've ever taken. I finished the test in exactly 3 hours, turned in the paper, signed out, and made the 3 hour drive home Saturday night. Won't know the test results for 2-6 weeks. Keep your fingers crossed.

Sunday was a good day. Besides sleeping in, eating much, and napping, I aquired a new motorcycle. I know, you heard me mention getting a motorcycle in a previous journal entry, but that actually fell through. I ended up winning a different motorcycle that was driven to my doorstep. It's a 20 year old Yamaha Venture Royal touring bike. It has it's share of scratches for an older bike, but it's also in incredible shape for something 2/3 as old as me. I probably have more bruises and bumps and scrapes than the bike does. So, I'm now officially a biker. I still have to go through registration and inspection, but hell, I've actually got a bike now. I celebrated by settling in to watch Discovery channel's marathon of cycle shows in the afternoon.

And full circle back to today. Work wasn't nearly as hectic as I expected it to be. In fact, my new work laptop, docking station, and memory came in. It's like Christmas! I've been busy puttering around getting the machine setup so I can mirror my desktop's contents over and then clean off the desk for the new hotness.

Life is pretty good right now.

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Thursday, June 24th, 2004
11:34 pm
Just finished taking a 250 question sample test.

I got a 75.2%

You need a 70% to pass.

I need to study more. I don't like cutting it so close. But a good night's sleep and another day of review should help.


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12:46 pm - Class Stardate -3.14159
I feel somewhat less stressed today. I don't know why, because I still have a lot to learn and study. But I think at this point my body is just saying "Hey, shut the fuck up and deal with it already."

As promised...Stories From Class:

I mentioned in a previous post how I found that by writing my answers to test questions down in a notebook, and subsequently reviewing them has really helped my learning process. It allows me to go back at a later time and take the same test and compare my previous scores.

I sat down the other night to go over my Cryptography notes and do the sample test. Most of the previous tests have been in the neighborhood of 40-60 questions. Crypto was 108. Well shit...I broke out my lined paper and made two columns; 1-27 and 28-54 respectively.

As with any test I felt very good about some questions, was unsure about a few, and was downright baffled on others. But I finished it and flipped to the back to check my answers...Right, wrong, right, right, right...And then all of a sudden, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Wait a second...I'm not that stupid.

And then I saw it. The questions had two #30's. Well Christ...That meant my #31 was their second #30. Okay, I go back and make corrections of the corrections. And then I saw it again. There was no answer #45. So their #46 answer was my #45 answer. Except that #45 was off by one because of two #30s...

I spent more fucking time trying to figure out the placement of where the answer was in relation to where it was supposed to be in relation to where I had it relative to how they should have had it.

I became enraged. Very enraged. I pissed away a fucking hour trying to check, recheck, renumber...I finally ended up ripping the pages out of my 3-ring study book, shreading them, throwing them across the desk towards the trash, and punching the bed about 8 times. I mean...I wasted a fucking hour! An hour! That was time that could have been productively put towards reviewing, or studying, or going over my notes and diagrams. But no. It was spent trying to be a fucking number jockey for some punjab that doesn't know how to fucking count sequentially. And it wasn't just that the numbers were out of whack a little...It happened twice! First he adds a second existing number, and then subtracts out another one in a completely different order. Fucking fuckass fucker!

I feel better now, though.

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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004
9:37 pm - Class, 4th Day?
Things are beginning to become a blur. We studied two subjects today, and I'm barely able to focus on what the first one was. A good nights sleep is in order. But first, since people love misery, I shall regail you with...

More Stories From Class:

The class is slowly starting to lose it. Collectively. Let's face it, learning something as massive as CISSP in a week is rough. And it's starting to show.

As an example, the following technical words or phrases now issue nothing but schoolgirl-like giggles from the class:

MAN (ie Metro Area Network, used in such giggle-worthy questions from the Instructor like "What is a MAN for?")

So, yeah. People are losing it. And in addition to the annoying </i>Guy In Front of Me</i> there is an annoying Guy Two Seats Behind Me. Whereas the first guy, now referred to as GIF constantly answers incorrectly, GTSBM showed off just how badass he was by constantly cutting the instructor off by muttering the answers just ahead of him, and then making a little scoffing sound, to show how much he rules over everyone else by knowing the acronym of a protocol that hasn't been used since IBM coined it.

I nearly turned around in my seat today and told him if he knew so much about the subject, why didn't he either just go take a break, or shut the fuck up. I'm noticing more and more that I'm becomming Theater Glenn. I'm noticing all the little murmurs and whispers and chair noises...I don't focus well when that happens. And you wouldn't like me when I'm angry...

Speaking of angry, stay turned tomorrow when I regail with you stories of sample tests and Glenn nearly going insane with rage. Fun for the whole family.

Okay, I have to go back and study now and then pass out.

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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004
12:54 pm - Day 3 of Training
Class is going well. I've found a technique that has thus far been working for me, as far as studying goes. There are sample tests at the end of each domain, and I take them at night after the class, writing the answers in a notebook. I think check my answers against their key, and typically have been getting in the 60-80% passing rate. Not that good. But, I review the problem areas, then sleep on it.

The next morning, I'll take the test again cold and have been passing in 80-90% range. Not perfect, but a dramatic improvement. See, I've never really had any study skills. I coasted through high school, so I never did develop a proper methodology. Little things like this make me happy.

Stories From Class:

There is a guy that sits in front of me that likes the answer the instructor when he asks questions. Unfortunately, he tends to get the answer wrong when the instructor says what the answer is. That's not such a big deal. The problem is that he then parrot's the instructor with a head nod, as if he knew all along.

Instructor, "Alright, what do we call a secret key...A secret key...?"

Guy In Front of Me, "Green!"

Instructor, "We call it Synchronous. Synchronous. Secret."

Guy In Front of Me head bobbles, "Yeah...Synchronous."

Names and colors changed to protect the innocent.

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Sunday, June 20th, 2004
6:34 pm
I just finished Day 1 of training. It's...Interesting.

The structure isn't similar to what I've been through in the past, although the instructor is very cool. He's thus far glossed over quite a lot of the materials, especially considering we've already covered 2 of the 10 topics. There's going to be a lot of off-hours studying going on...

There are many diverse religions and races attending my class. This is not Something Disturbing (tm). There are many diverse representatives of unique vocations and employers. This is not Something Disturbing (tm). Every "foreign" student in class today at one point asked about either a) the current security standards currently in use by the DoD, b) government regulations with regard to specific Orange Book implementations, and c) exploits known or effective with regards to the government sector. This is Something Disturbing (tm).

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Friday, June 18th, 2004
9:14 am - I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date.
Whenever I have any kind of planned travel, as I'm sure you've read about me in the past, I tend to get a bit...Anxious.

I always have a perpetual feeling that I'm running behind schedule, or am forgetting something. And typically, this is never the case. I'm always extremely well prepared. I print out more than enough maps, addresses, phone numbers, and information. And I tend to arrive so punctually as to be scary.

But nevertheless, my body has become conditioned to this Fight or Flight set of activities that I constantly have to think, and re-think, and confirm, and re-confirm every last little detail. Call it paranoia mixed with anal retentiveness.

Thus far, I have my map to the training facility in DC, I have a printout of the class confirmation, and I have a printout for both the purchase of and verification of my certification test. I have my daily organizer with spare pens, extra business cards, a calculator, and a spare pad of paper. I have the department laptop with power, network, and phone cables. I have CD-RWs, just in case.

Things that I'll need to organize will be my cell phone charger, clothes and luggage for the week, a handful of cigars...And hell, I'm sure there is more, but this is what I was talking about. Constantly trying to think ahead and answer all the what-ifs.

It's a fine line between organization and insanity.

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Wednesday, June 16th, 2004
8:51 am - T-minus 3 days
I'll be off to DC to attend security training in three days. While I am definitely looking forward to it, I'm also a bit shocked and awed. Well, first off, I never expected the company to approve the training, so that was a pleasant surprise. But I just got confirmation from the organization doing the training, and well, the sender didn't mask the headers.

There are some hardcore companies and organizations attending.

A quick highlight of some of the attendees include: IBM, Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service (DRMS), Johns Hopkins University, USMC, Northrop Grumman, AT&T, Lockheed Martin, The IRS, US Army, Network Associates Inc, Verizon, The UN, Unisys, Microsoft, Harvard, US Coast Guard, and Marriott Hotels.

And then there's me. Little ole me doing the Network Admin job for a mid-size east coast hospital. Wow. It's going to be pretty staggering to associate with some of the people in the class. Now, granted, I didn't include everyone. There are some schmoe's that will be there, just like me. But, to be able to consult and trade non-proprietary non-secret information with other people in the same field trying to do the same work; that's pretty awesome.

Speaking of pleasant work surprises, my boss also approved my request for a laptop. It's like early Christmas for me. Training, and a new laptop. The downside is that the laptop doesn't look like it'll arrive before I leave, which sucks. I'll have to take the department laptop with me, which is really better suited as a boat anchor. It's a PIII that takes about 20 minutes to boot up, and then another 10 minutes to go to desktop after you sign in. Not exactly the quickest thing in the world. But, I suppose it's better than nothing.

current mood: happy

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Friday, June 11th, 2004
10:12 am - Test-a-roonie
Simon Baron-Cohen's recent book The Essential Difference: Men, Women and the Extreme Male Brain proposes that "The female brain is predominantly hard-wired for empathy. The male brain is predominantly hard-wired for understanding and building systems."

Systemizing quotient: 51
       51 - 80 is very high (three times as many people with Asperger Syndrome score in this range, compared to typical men, and almost no women score in this range)

Empathy quotient: 49
       33 - 52 = average (most women score about 47 and most men score about 42)

Empathy vs. Systemizing

I found it interesting that I scored a 51 on the systemizing part of the test, and a 49 on the empathy. The two tests are individualized, but both numbers add up to 100%, if you look at it like that. Hmmm. Maybe that's why I scored so high in the neurological disorder column...Seeing patterns in numbers.

While the tests certainly aren't clinical or carved in stone, I'd say they're a pretty good representation of me. I'm very analytical with situations, planning, and organization, but also very empathic when dealing with people. Two for two, baby!

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Monday, June 7th, 2004
8:37 am
Well, it's official. Either I'm a true technophile that is completely wired into the dynamic that is online transactions, or I'm insane. I'm thinking maybe a little from column A, a little from column B.

I purchased a motorcycle. On Ebay.

Part of me is a happy little kid that is jumping around inside. Part of me is a stodgy old man that grumps at the expense. But as of this coming Sunday, I'll have in my possession an '83 Honda Sabre.

It's one of the first years Honda came out with the Sabre line, sporting a beefy 750cc V45 engine. What's kind of a nice treat is that the Sabre was originally built to be a touring bike for Honda's line, and I have a thing for touring bikes. I love the front fairings, with the little dash cubbies, the ability to add hard saddle bags to the rear fender, and the overall solid look.

One of my buddies is loaning me his trailer so I can make the 3 hour drive to pick up the bike. My girlfriend's folks are hopefully loaning me a vehicle with a trailer hitch (yeah, I know...I have a 4x4 vehicle with no trailer hitch), and my coworker is hopefully loaning me some motorcycle trailer tie-downs. I still have to order a helmet, and get some ride-appropriate gear.

Should I get a red helmet so that it'll more closely resemble the bike, or go with the tried-and-true all black helmet that goes with everything? Haven't made that decision yet.

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Tuesday, June 1st, 2004
8:03 am
Looks like my one week of insomnia is going for week two. Slept for crap last night. Too hot, too cold, pillow too soft, pillow too hard. I hate insomnia. I also recall having some very weird bad dreams, which seems to be a little more common lately.

I recall having at least 3 dreams, although I can only vaguely remember one. I was at my grandmother's house in Wisconsin, primarily in the spare bedroom. It felt like there were other people there with me, friends, but I never saw them. At night there was this huge commotion outside the door, someone obviously trying to be menacing. I had a lead pipe and opened the door, and it was some kind of ghost pirate. Yeah, I know, go figure...Ghost pirates in northern Wisconsin...This went on for what seemed like several nights, and each time I would just wail on the pirate and keep him outside the room. When I tried talking to my grandma about it, she said that she had heard of similar situations of people imagining things like that, but it was all too real. It was like she was blocking it out of her mind...Which then made me wonder if I was crazy and really was imagining it.

So, yeah. Surreal.

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Thursday, May 27th, 2004
2:17 pm - Summertime...And the pimpin' is easy.
Self-Advertising Pimp Time! I've finally gathered up enough energy to list my wedding rings on Ebay. That's right, the ex let me keep them, so now it's time to chuck them into the proverbial ether so I can try and recoop some bucks.

Go Look!

Hopefully someone will bid and take these things so I can further the Get GlennJ A Motorcycle Fund.

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