21 August
Reader's Digest Version:

I'm a single white male with a sarcastic sense of humor. I complain. A lot.

More Elaborate Version:

Right...Well, okay then. I'm a network administrator for a large east coast hospital, so I'm basically your typical computer geek. I used to be a real computer geek; you know, the guys that work on computers all day and then go home to play with home networks and custom modded cases.

Well, screw that now.

Now I'm a professional computer geek who is trying to maintain some semblance of youth by drinking, smoking cigars, painting, listing to loud music, and playing XBox.

My journal is basically a dumping ground for daily "news", rants, movie talk, and general chatiness. If abundant use of commas freak you out, then, you probably shouldn't read my journal. I have a problem, with commas. ,,,